MAS is a legally identifiable corporation by the State of Michigan. This corporation is owned by Kevin J. O'Mara. It is ultimately his responsibility to insure that all tasks within the corporation are performed in accordance with the Quality Manual of the corporation. MAS was founded June, 1987 with the goal of providing professional testing services in an atmosphere of mutual trust and openness with like-minded corporations with an emphasis on providing clear and accurate analytical data in a timely manner. This commitment to analytical accuracy has resulted in a unique level of dialogue between client and laboratory designed to keep the client as informed as possible regarding their analytical data before, during, and after the actual sample analysis. Quality control and assurance is fundamental to this goal as it relates to both analytical data and client relations.

Company Overview

For over 30 years, Midwest Analytical Services has provided its customers with the finest water, soil and material testing services, 24/7, often in crisis mode. Our chemists and laboratory technicians are the best around. Waste treatment and disposal companies, manufacturers, hospitals, even legal firms rely on our analytical skills.

We're known for testing wastewater, groundwater, drinking water, pool water, wipes, hazardous waste, sludge, polymers, resins, asbestos- any contaminated soil or air. We are experts in helping companies comply with environmental regulations, offering experimental design, research and development, as well as a variety of testing services reinforced by a rigid quality assurance program. Our results are valid and legally defensible. What we do best for our customers, however, is listen, think, plan and act.

Green is Good Business

The abundance of environmental legislation in recent years has caused many companies to create a band-aid approach to environmental compliance. In many cases, these regulations have put companies at a competitive disadvantage-some have even gone out of business. Sometimes, looking at your business in a different way can bring remarkable results. That's the way we look at environmental management. We're not content to just provide test results, we ask why produce the waste in the first place?

Wise companies know that the future is green, in terms of increased profit generated through prudent management of raw materials used in production processes. Midwest Analytical Services employs a team of professionals that recommends and designs process improvement or facility renovation to improve the management of production materials and minimize waste. We help our customers develop creative solutions for reusing waste materials, and, where there is no alternative use, reselling the material to recycling firms.

Your Partner in Environmental Management

Midwest Analytical Services is an A2LA and State of Michigan Microbiological Testing accredited professional and full-service laboratory and consulting service that is ready to serve your environmental management needs. No project is too large and no timeline too tight. Our company will respond to any emergency at any time. We will help create solutions that not only meet environmental standards but also result in more efficient resource use.

A Commitment to Integrity

Midwest Analytical Services provides its customers uncompromising quality and integrity as environmental management professionals. Our job is to provide reliable data and planning that will serve your business interests. At times, a conflict of interest may arise when the integrity of a company is compromised by financial pressure from a customer. Midwest will withdraw from any potential conflict of interest. Our data is as good as our integrity. It's that simple. You can be assured that no company will work harder to determine the facts of the situation so your decisions are based on the most accurate information-not the most convenient.