The Field Service Department at Midwest Analytical Services, Inc. is committed to providing the customer with a dependable solution to a wide variety of sampling needs. From soil sampling to waste water and everything in between, we can do it all. Expedited sampling services are also provided dependent upon availability. 

The Field Service Department will also cater to the needs of our customer. We understand that the job you have may be unorthodox. Every situation has its own set of variables and conditions and we will do everything that we can to safely and efficiently provide a service that will go above and beyond your expectations. We are fully trained and equipped to handle almost any situation and look forward to doing so.


Waste Water/Ground Water Sampling

Drinking Water Sampling

Drum Sampling

Soil Sampling

PFAS Sampling

Ground Penetrating Radar 

Vapor Pin Installation

Pool Testing/Microbiology

  • Midwest Analytical Services, Inc. can sample any body of water, including whirlpools, swimming pools, and hot tubs.
  • Samples can be dropped off on non-holiday weeks Monday - Tuesday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. Samples needing to be dropped off Wednesday - Friday, or a day that requires holiday/weekend work will need to be arranged beforehand and are subject to extra fees.
  • Samples must be dropped off on the day of collection in order to be accepted.

Samples can be dropped off at the lab or sampled/picked up by us. Please email or call 248-591-6660 for pricing and analysis.